Resolution #9

I’ve decided to learn how to play the Beatles classic “Martha My Dear” on piano. It’s just too good not to learn. I have said before that I’m going to learn something, but rarely do I actually follow through. It’s mainly because ever since I became competent on guitar, sometime in 1994 or so, my piano playing went to shit. My left hand has no control anymore, it’s all screwy since I learned to barre frets.

But I’ve been good in my resolutions this year. I’ve lost 20 pounds, like I said I would. I’m ready for the wedding.

So, let’s see how this goes.

One Reply to “Resolution #9”

  1. A bit early (or late, depends on if you take this wish for the engagement or the actual wedding), but here it goes: I want to wish you, your fiance, both of your families, friends, the best of luck, happines, and psychological as well as financial (not the most important, but it doesn’t exactly hurt either 😉 ) wealth!

    The pictures were really beautiful, by the way!

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