Real World vs. Road Rules

Are you watching this trash? I admit it, I am. I’m watching it and laughing. Because not only does MTV frequently hunt down the most sterotypical angry black males aged 18-26 and place them in volatile situations thus portraying them as gangsters ready-to-bud, they now have shown the women of RR and RW to be completely…well…..women.

The scoring on this show is just plain stupid. First off, only one person has to do well. Frequently, the men did well in competitions and the women did poorly, only to have one competitor, usually Ruthie or Ellen, do extremely well. Then, pretty boy Johnny Mosely hangs the trophy along with the completely worthless “Ion Lifesaver” to the women. Either way, the women have behaved in a completely catty and bitchy way, and consequently, have lost about 5 “battles” in a row. The second thing that sucks about the scoring is that we, as audience members, have no clue how the score is actually distributed. We are told – the winner gets 51 points and the loser gets 26 points. How they arrive at the numbers in the middle is completely a mystery.

But this is likely because this is not about the competition. That’s just distraction from the real plot, which is that anytime you take normal oversexed, drunken, hyperopinionated, whiners and pamper them like MTV does, they bitch and whine and sleep together and fight like little babies. That, friends, is good TV.

Why do I keep watching this tripe? Why have I barely ever missed an episode of RR or RW since their inception in the early 90s? Because I’m a sucker for this shit. And so are you. And so is everyone.

God, we’re pathetic.

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