Random Topic, Because the Pic is Cool

I have been busy lately. Things are definitely not like they used to be –

First off, I have spent an incredible amount of time with JP, who, at this point, I think, it’s safe to say will probably one day be a permanent fixture. She practically lives with me, and I’m happy about that.

Then,as I rambled on about before, I rewrote OSNews some time ago. I added and tinkered and did more and more, and today I kinda decided that I think I’m done for a bit. The other editors are kinda getting territorial about features, so I figured “F it.” OSNews is a hobby for me that I believe has a community dying to expand and pariticpate. If the other editors don’t want to appease them, screw it. The site looks pretty damn good anyway.

I got threading running on it, which was a challenge but was really really cool to finally see in action. I was very pleased.

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