R.I.P. William Dember

I didn’t know William Dember, but apparently, he was my cousin. He was my grandmother’s first cousin – her mother’s brother’s son – which makes him my …uh …cousin. A few times removed, probably.

Anyway, it turns out he was a fairly decorated man in the field of psychology. In truth, I didn’t even know he existed until he died, so it really makes me wonder how much family I have running around out there that I have never even heard of.

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  1. Hi. I was just googling my Dad’s name and I found your post. I’m always interested in finding new relatives. Who is or was your grandmother? Where do you live etc? I’m 42 and live in Seattle. My Dad grew up in Connecticut, but he and my mom moved to Cincinnati where I grew up.

    This is like 9 months after your post, so I hope you somehow see it.


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