Oh Phishy Phishy Phish

I’m supposed to be working on phatphiles.org this week and I really haven’t done jack with my computer at all. Literally, there are all kinds of things I wanted to do, including wrap up Flip 2. Flip 2 has been needing it’s stylesheet mechanism ramped up for months, and I just can’t summon the energy to do it. I’ve decided, though, that I’ll hold off for Flip 2.1 to fix themed stylesheet implementation.

Phish is going to start their winter tour in about 2 weeks and I’m not going to any shows but I am strangely excited, if only to see the setlists roll in again. I love when they’re touring an I wake up and even before a shower, check out the set. And who doesn’t love that moment when you yell, “Holy shit! They broke out XXXX!” Man, that rules.

I need to go finish this new page for phatphiles now.