OSNews Version 4 Begins

I wrote the first lines of OSNews version 4 today. It’s exciting, because I am planning a major site makeover. I am pretty convinced that we can boost performance, make the site more usable, and even add some new stuff while removing some of the cruft that never worked right (like OSN Digest).

We also have some neat new features planned.

8 Replies to “OSNews Version 4 Begins”

  1. I only care about not breaking the seamless mobile support. Just make sure, just before you make the new site public, you copy over the latest v3 relevant files to mobile.osnews.com (the files currently there are ancient now — so make sure you don’t forget this).

    Also, you still need to use the autodection script (just rewrite if you want the preg_match() function to use a faster one, but always keep that file easily editable as it is now, so we can add more browser matches in the future) and then automatically redirect to *the right page* at mobile.osnews.com when needed.

  2. “Giving” me mobile is not enough if you change table names etc. I need something that continues to work *without bugs* after you update the site.

  3. I’d love to read a some planning docs or something. You should blog more about what you plan to do.

  4. hey,

    did you notice the new kerneltrap makeover? me thinks it rocks.
    btw if you need anyone to alpha/beta test v4, let me know, i’ll be glad to help.

    how about improving forums? like using smf or ipb?


  5. Would you be able to add nesting? Its is easier to see a thread and keep track of a conversation. Currently; some people change the subject line. Just something on a wish list.


  6. Help me out here, what exactly IS nesting? I see it, and I’ve researched it, but I can’t see how it’s different from threading. Can you explain?

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