Nine Twelve, Oh Five.

So, it has been a good few days. Last week was Vinod’s wedding and then a day off, during which JP and I did all sorts of errands and stuff. I bought friggin three pairs of shoes like a ass.

I went to work on Tuesday, and then the rest of the week I was in SQL Server 2005 training. That was an awesome break. Friday night we ended up laying low, watching a cool movie called “Hide and Seek” that was pretty ok. Saturday we went out and did more errand’ing, and then that night went to Sanford to the Willow Tree Cafe, which is an authentic German place, with Johanna and Rick. Of course, Johanna was very excited and was thrilled to have us eating Weinerschnitzel, Schpatzel, Blaukraut, Bratwurst, and drinking Bitburger. It was good. And then yesterday was Wonderworks, Fuddruckers, a tour of Festival Bay, and a movie. Good stuff.

Oh yeah – today’s random thing I want to learn: PostgreSQL.