New Backend, Part II

I have been busy at work, so I haven’t been able to sneak away to really knock this stuff out. The topics manager is now complete, and it’s been AJAXified, but only partly. There are some things that are simply not well suited for AJAX. It’s interesting, because as slick and fast and powerful as it is, javascripting is actually a much more meticulous process than PHP. It’s much less forgiving and the errors are much less descriptive.

I have also removed a lot of the password prompts. Every single admin page load, including the AJAX requests, require your cookie for authentication, and even the cookie is just random data. I’m fairly certain we haven’t sacrificed much in the way of security by only forcing the login once. Even Gmail doesn’t ask for a password with every session.

That said, the backend is now mostly complete. I do need to add one more feature, which is image uploads, a portion sorely lacking. This has been needed for some time, as when I need an image, I need to FTP it up, which is lame. So I will incorporate image uploads shortly, and then break for the wedding and honeymoon. Then I’ll come back and release Small Axe 0.4 and get cooking on the next batch of features!