New Admin Panel and Voting

You may notice that there are now buttons next to each entry on my blog. These are “agree” and “disagree” buttons. Although right now each post is assigned a “score,” soon it will probably be “X positives, Y negatives.” You can vote once per entry.

Also, I’m going to be rewriting the administration panel of Small Axe shortly. It’s not because it’s dirty, because it’s not, it’s actually modular and easy to write new plugins. However, It’s not ideally organized. I’ve updated the icons from a mix of random icons and Tango icons to mostly Echo icons from the forthcoming Fedora Core 7. I really like the new ones.

new admin panel

As you can see, I’ve finally added preference panes(!) for some features that I’ve had for awhile, such as User Agent review. The database cleanup link doesn’t work yet, nor does the Recent Votes link, but both are functions I will be implementing shortly.