NMCI: worst idea since “Greedo Shoots First”

Most of you know that I work for the Government. What you may not know is that, even though I get frustrated as an employee, I have recently gotten very upset as a taxpayer. Nothing is upsetting me more than this stupid contract called NMCI.

NMCI is the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet, a great idea on paper but utter shite in reality. In an effort to link the armed forces, the Navy and Marine Corps awarded a 6 billion dollar plus contract to the (completely unprepared) EDS. The Information Strike Force, hereafter referred to as the morons, simply don’t know what the hell they’re doing. They are doing things like replacing new hardware with old hardware that they actually know how to use. They are planning to “upgrade” our 12 million dollar cat 6 infrastructure to cat 5 (ungeeked: NOT an upgrade), and they are charging us — and taxpayers, mind you — an obscene amount of money. For God’s sake, installing the Flash plugin to your browser is going to cost about $125! What in the hell?

Some recently retired Admiral better be smoking a cigar and sitting on serious cash in a Cayman bank account, because otherwise, we got raped. Frustration!