Monday Rowing, Tuesday Badminton, Dancin

Here we are, it’s Sunday, and it’s 5:16 and has felt like 7:30 for about 3 hours. I’m making Hawaiian sweet bread and fricken finally unpacking and that’s that. I was at Midyear for the last few days, and I thought I might get together with AB this weekend, but she got sick. Too bad! She is so gorgeous, it makes me a little crazy. I also have to catch up with HM, because she’s cool too, and I won’t be able to see her for some time since I’m out of town for the next 8 zillion weekends (well, 3, but still!)

I’m tired too. I need a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow I’m back at work, and I’ll be wrapping up tCH/SQL, which is tCH 0.4, which is pretty sweet.

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