MagpieRSS Bug Fixed

The “Galaxy” code I wrote for OSGalaxy has now been ported over to the OSNews Staff Blog section, and there’s a crappy bug. When an RSS feed has more than one category (a legal setup), Magpie concatenates them into one word.

So, I’ve written an elementary, temporary workaround for the multiple categories problem with Magpie. Essentially, rather than concatonating the categories, this script will use only the last entry in the RSS/Atom feed. It’s pretty basic, but it’s tested on PHP4 and PHP5 and it doesn’t change much code.

To use it, just save this file as and replace it in your magpie install. It’s based off of 0.7a, which is from the latest release of Magpie at this time, 0.72. You can find the code at