Links 12/11/2006

Here’s a long overdue lists of tasty links for you:

33 things you never knew had a name
Seriously, this really weird – but common – stuff.

Make Ginger Ale
I’m going to do this.

What happens if you drink a Coke right now
Makes you think twice about that Ginger Ale.

Walking Table
This is the kind of ingenuity I like to see. Too bad the table itself it fugly.

Man trapped 4 days behind a wall of his own feces
Holy hell do I wish this were a joke.

Girl, 13, charged as sex offender *and victim*
Does this world make ANY sense at all?

Kids divide by zero
This is interesting, if you’re a math dork.

Family Guy: Osama’s message
Seriously, I laught for two minutes straight watching this.

Family Guy: Brian’s Novel
A classic.