Leopard This Spring

I’m not going to blog this, because every other site on the Internet is going to over-report it, but the WWDC started today and the Keynote held few major surprises. For me, the biggest thing announced is Time Machine, the version control system built into Mac OS X Leopard. I wonder if it’s built on Subversion or CVS or something new. Let’s not forget that Microsoft already has volume shadow copy, which is already deployed and as far as I’m concerned, invaluable to daily business. But alas, until spring…

Leopard Teaser

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  1. It doesn’t use a source code version control engine. It is based upon its attributed filesystem and kernel to find out if a change was made to a file (like bfs or inotify), and if yes, it archives it with a date stamp on it. To be honest, it’s a simpler system than CVS or subversion.

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