Leaps and Bounds

I spent a while writing new stuff for the ft_blog over the last two days. As I mentioned, commenting and moderation. I added in descriptive moderation too. All comments now start at one point, and positive mods add one point, negatives take one off, and kill subtracts 6. All comments below 1 are hidden, and there is a max value of 5 per comment. I may play with the math, but for now, that’s how it works.

I’d love to open up moderation for everyone to play with, since this is essentially how moderation will work with Flip 4, the problem is, without registered admins, there’s really no way to prevent multiple votes except with cookies, which are easy to refuse. I have to think about this one if I want to make it available to all. For now, I’ve added the score and description to each comment for everyone to see.