Know Your Grunge! – The Answers

For those who played along on the “Know Your Grunge” contest, here are your answers:

“Sell the kids for food” is the first line in the Nirvana song “In Bloom.” An easy one to start.

“They’re farming babies while the slaves are working” is from an extremely popular song, but few know the middle lines. It’s from the pre-chorus of Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike.”

“Holding rare flowers in a tomb” is from Alice In Chains’ fantastic 1993 acid ballad “Down in a Hole

“I’m looking California and feeling Minnesota” is from Soundgarden’s “Outshined.” I think this was actually a pretty popular song back in 1992, and if I recall, it was one of the lines of lyrics easiest to understand in the song.

“And this is my kind of love, it’s the kind that moves on” is from Mother Love Bone’s “Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns” and would turn out to be Andrew Wood’s most well-known song ever. There’s a good reason – it rules.

“Drag me far enough to know – I’m blind every mile that you burn” I bet I stumped people with this line from Screaming Trees’ “Nearly Lost You” which made it big after being featured in the movie “Singles.”

“I’m gonna learn ya my philosophy, you wanna know about atrocity” Surely, people remember this line from Stone Temple Pilots’ biggest single off of their Core album, “Sex Type Thing.” It was the song that they made it big with.

“Rests his head on a pillow made of concrete” is the second line on this list sung by Eddie Vedder, this time in Pearl Jam’s “Evenflow

“They really want you but I do too” was from Courtney Love’s first really big hit, “Doll Parts

Thanks for playing.