Internet Explorer 7

I saw something today that suggested that IE7 will be pushed out as a “high priority update” with Microsoft’s patches for Patch Tuesday. I sincerely hope this is not true. As a web developer who has seen CSS code not work as intended with IE7, I really hope it’s not true. I haven’t had enough time to fix my code yet.

That said, I really do like IE7. I’m really happy with the layout. I really like the “mini-tab to open a tab” thing. Most people are unaware of how the printing engine of IE7 has changed, but it brings the welcome addition of scaling to page. In fact, the only thing that is simply KILLING me about IE7 is how the Refresh button is on the right side of the address bar, and apparently, unmovable.

Other than that, IE7 gets a big thumbs up from me. I just hope they don’t push it too soon.

2 Replies to “Internet Explorer 7”

  1. I have no problems with my comp. other than after internet explorer was inserted into the machine, I can’t print anything without multiple “Internet Explorer Script Errors” appearing. this locks the computer and of course, no print.
    Does anuone out there have an idea as to what’s happened or how I can get back to an earlier version of explorer.


  2. I don’t think you can downgrade without re-installing, but the problem is probably a javascript problem. Either that, or it’s an IE specific problem. Some scripts have to be written with special exceptions for IE.

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