I Guess I AM a Liberal

Over the last few years, a few areas of my politics have become more conservative. I am pro-death penalty. I am anti-welfare. I am pro-personal responsibility. I am for a system that penalizes attorneys who repeatedly present frivolous cases to government funded courts. So I’ve felt an introduction of some libertarianism in my politics.

I have some areas that I am staunchy liberal though: I am pro decriminalization of marijuana and several other drugs, I am pro net neutrality, I am pro choice, and I cannot fathom why gay marriage should be prohibited, let alone introduce discrimination into the constitution. I am also extremely anti-war in the Middle East.

So today I took a political test on vajoe.com to find out which candidate best matches my current beliefs, and lo and behold, I guess I am a very typical democrat. Every Democrat matches me closer than every Republican, and, as I expected, Ron Paul matches me best from the GOP – since he’s barely even a Republican, more of a libertarian himself.

Presidential Candidate Match List

It’s also worth nothing that the “conservative” swing I’ve felt is more of a traditional conservative from the 60’s than the kind we see today. Barry Goldwater would vomit at what passes for a conservative today.

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