How To Blog Like Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble is media. I am media as well.”

Robert Scoble, you may know, is a very prominent blogger with a whole hell of a lot of readers. Scoble is someone who I’ve kept up with over the last few years. He worked for Microsoft doing blogging and videos for Channel 9 then recently moved to Podtech to do video blogging. Scoble is a nice guy, he writes fairly well, and has a lot to say. But lately, reading his stuff has been putting me to sleep.

Scoble has zeroed in on a few keys things and has not been able to stop talking about them. So, while his blog has always been a reflection of his life, it was much more interesting when he did Channel 9 and visited the Live Mail team or the Windows Mail team and we learned about new things.

Lately, Scoble’s passions have centered around just a few things. First, and most notably (or most annoyingly), Facebook. Having friended Scoble on Facebook early on, it was interesting to be connected to so many people. Now it’s lame: Scoble’s headlines fill my “mini feed” page, even after I set it to specifically limit Scoble news. He boasts about how linking to him is like being linked to everyone of value in the tech world. But frankly, I find Facebook to be worthless to link to someone I don’t know who doesn’t use it as anything but a friend collector and an app demonstration ground. Facebook is for keeping up with people you know, not just a worthless MySpace clone where the goal is to amass the highest number of friends. Scoble treats Facebook like a contest and then tells us every detail of his experience. He’s made a few worthwhile observations (such as the question of whether Facebook is a viable advertising platform given it’s demographic) and lots and lots and lots of really boring ones.

Scoble is very proud of his iPhone, and hasn’t stopped talking about it. Seriously… like… at all.

Also, Scoble is a social network sucker junkie, and has carried on about Pownce, Jaiku, and Twitter for weeks. We get it. I tried Pownce. I don’t see what the hell I’m supposed to do with it that I can’t do elsewhere or in an easier manner. But reading, you’d think it makes you breakfast or shines your shoes for you.

So, how does one blog like Scoble? All you need to do is go to Digg, find a cool buzzword or website likely to interest the bleeding edge technology people, and blog about it 5-7 times a day. Do not relent, just keep your stream coming. Join endless social networks and add as many friends as possible, whether you know them or not. Make provocative statements and then link to prominent people’s blogs; try to get them to blog about you, good or bad. Make sure you mention people like Dave Winer and Matt Cutts. Lastly, be certain to pimp targetted buzz apps like Google Reader and Adobe AIR at least twice a week.

In all seriousness, I really do enjoy Scoble’s blog. If you don’t already read it, you should really check out his feed, once he moves past his love affair with Facebook and the iPhone.

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  1. Sorry to use the blog comments to reach you, but I couldn’t find your email on site, and the link to your resume was broken.

    I was wondering whether you were still happy with Picasaweb. I’m thinking of bailing on flickr…and am trying SmugMug and Picasaweb out. The former has expensive prints, so I’m thinking of moving photos to Picasaweb…but would love to have your input…really enjoyed your past posts on the topic. Thanks a million.

    -Colin Purrington (Swarthmore, PA)

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