He was such a stupid git…

I’m so tired. I was at work for like 12 hours today. Admittedly, I the last hour was me just yapping about at Identix, but I’m feeling completely and totally energy-less. I’m so tired that even though I have dinner downstairs I want to call Dominos and try their new “kicker” boneless chicken wing things.

Whenever I say I’m going to go to bed early, I never do. So, although I’m dog tired, I guarantee I’ll be up until midnight.

What I wanted to write is that until about 2 hours ago, I hadn’t paid much mind to tomorrow being 9-11 and all. However, Tommy Ridge jacked us up to Code Orange on the Homeland Security scale, and now I’m thinking, “Man, if I were a terrorist, and I were going to somehow suicide bomb something or other, 9-11 would be the day to do it – I’d seal it as a day that every American would be scared s**tless forever!” Gotta say, now I’m kinda scared for tomorrow. I think something is going to happen, and I’m praying it ain’t in DC.