General Update n Shit.

Well, the big news is that Jenn and I got our marriage license today. So, 37 days to go, and we are now legal to tie the knot. Woohoo! She’s currently typing away on her iBook (wishing for a Macbook, btw), telling people about the updates I made to last night. It’s a simple site I built with iWeb, but it’s very easy, and takes a HELL of a lot less time than writing PHP. It’s static, but simple.

That said, I’ve been writing all sorts of fun things lately. I’ve been really doing a lot of javascript work – tons of AJAX stuff and a lot of and prototype code. I fixed several behaviors in the Galaxy code, but only applied them to /staff so far. Ultimately, it’s a nice looking app and behaves really well. The next step is adding a few new features:

1. The ability to purge last fetch time, for testing purposes.
2. Turn off feed fetch time update in fetch.php (not in autofetch.php).
3. Add a newer & older link to the bottom of the page.
4. Potentially, add links to add comments to the native blog.

I got a new book today which I’m going to be reviewing for OSNews called Object Oriented PHP from No Starch Press. So far, so good.

I’m about to take a stab at the new comments template for OSNews version 4. It is going to include some additional information, like registered date, average score, and number of posts. This might help people decide who they should trust more.