First Post From Firefox 2

So, seeing as Mozilla released what they expect to be their final release candidate, I went ahead and upgraded my work PC to FF2. It’s time – most of my critical extensions have been updated and so far, so good. It handles all pages beautifully, as expected, and most of the settings no longer feel like they are a mess. Mozilla did a nice job of bringing together what looked silly even a few weeks ago.

Now, I’m still a bit ticked about RSS. For some reason, the Firefox devs feel as though RSS is meant to be handled by a reader, so they have Firefox COMPLETELY IGNORE the <?xml stylesheet?> declaration. I filed a bug report, and it was promptly closed with WONTFIX, although they suggest it might make for interesting discussion – I’m still pissed about it. Why do they get to completely ignore a standard? Microsoft would be GRILLED if they treated users this way (and they do – IE7 also ignores xml stylesheets.)

Anyway, I’ll end up using FF2 probably, but at home I blew off Firefox for Camino, and I’m seriously thinking about moving to Opera at work. In the meantime, my user agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8.1) Gecko/20061010 Firefox/2.0

2 Replies to “First Post From Firefox 2”

  1. I also really hate this type of behavior.
    IE7 does the same, but there is an option to show the xml-stylesheet.

    It all started with Microsoft IE that won’t show your 404 pages,
    nou your RSS styles are ignored.

    Hey why not ignore the entire style of your website and give it a
    Live-theme or Mozilla look?!!

    Anyway the rest of Firefox 2 seems fine!

  2. IE7 displays my XML docs correctly and in accordance with my XSL stylesheets. It also does quite a nice job on my RSS feeds.

    Firefox 2, however… Well, it runs faster – for now. I have already noticed that many web sites have completely abandoned trying to support Firefox/Mozilla and the “gotta be different” crusade. I am relieved and intend to follow their lead. Farewell Firefox, I have returned to IE.

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