Fans Support Mike

vaphan writes “FREE MIKE:: this whole mike thing is crazy. EVEN WHEN i disregard the reported facts that clearly state that (i) the “victim in question’s family” goes on record to say that it was a misunderstanding; (ii) this family goes on the record to say they specifically did not want this to become a media frenzy; and (iii) that there was no evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever (other than being stupid). and EVEN WHEN i disregard my general disdain for the sorry society we live in that is willing to believe everything (even a war!) that the consolidated right-wing media monsters that are now called the “press”. and EVEN WHEN i disregard the past 12 months of working with mike day-to-day on his solo record (which happens to come out on tuesday!) where he showed an extremely rare passion for his art, that manifested itself through constant phone calls and daily emails with different creations including his music, his writings, his ideas, his movies and yes….his pictures! EVEN WHEN i disregard all of THAT, there’s one compelling reason that brings me immediately to his defense: mike gordon’s our artist and he’s our friend! helloooooo “innocent until proven guilty?” don’t you think the guy has it hard enough from the rabid american public who never even heard of him until now and is quick to lynch? as a human and as a fan, i stand strong, and stand by our man. and to all the so called “fans” don’t lose site of the fact that he’s your friend too. this is the guy that set up a phone line and answering service to leave you daily messages and listen to everyone of yours. mike is always out in public as one of us, as a human. he’s the guy showing up at every show, talking with every fan, sitting in with every musician and riding his segway back and forth amongst us the people, not on some bullshit rock-star altar. his every move, word or decision shows his unrelenting passion for his art AND his fans. and he’s been bringing it to all of us, with nothing but love. can a brother get a little help? at ropeadope, our motto is to stand strong. and now more than ever, i predict that the cactus will rise from these ashes, standing stronger than ever. and we support our troops. hope you can see it in yourselves to do the same.
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p.s. don’t sleep on this: we’ve all been overlooking one key fact – mike gordon, 38 year old jewish man from boston, a peaceful hippy of sorts, never been in fight in before in his LIFE, gets his ass kicked by not just any ‘ol hells angel, BUT THE FUCKING LEADER OF THE HELLS ANGELS? who mistakenly thinks that mike’s kidnapped his daughter? that shit’s straight from the sopranos…and mike lives on? standing strong!