FOX sucks, Joe Showed

Didja watch Joe Millionaire? C’mon, no one’s around. You can admit it. I watched. I was pretty happy with the whole thing too. That is, until the second to last episode, where they jerked us off by giving us an hour of bullshit with no satisfaction. They gave us a show devoid of substance and worth. An hour of my life I’ll never get back.

Then they creatively editted the finale, which I nearly didn’t watch out of protest (yeah, right). The damned thing completely points you every which way but the right way. I get the distinct feeling they didn’t show us “the truth.” Instead, they purposely showed us excerpts that intentionally deceived us.

On top of that, they hyped the twist to the point that it was a let down rather than a surprise. “The twist” was so heavily hyped I felt they needed to give him the entire 50 MILLION they claimed he had to really impress me. FOX – you dropped the ball on this one.

On the other hand, 24 is now the coolest show on TV, so I won’t be tuning out just yet…