So, my wife just sent me a text message with a picture of my baby. Unfortunately, Apple and AT&T still make us use the incredibly stupid “viewmymessage.com” to see our MMS messages. They text you a URL, a username, and a password, but not a link, for reasons I can’t understand. So, as I attempt to fetch my MMS, this is what I get.

no MMS for you!
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#[email protected]* YOU APPLE!! Add MMS to the iPhone already!!

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  1. I agree. I hate that I have to go to this “viewmymessage” to look at the photos that in the past use to come directly to my phone. For example, if my daughter’s doing a drama thing and is dressed to look like a 60 years old woman and she wishes to share that with me at work. 1st I have to stop work then write down the ID and Password. 2nd TRY to log on (if it doesn’t, I have to use my computer at work) 3rd enter all that info and wait (keeping my fingers crossed) If it doesn’t work I will have to try later. Now that this process has taken time away from work. [email protected]!!!!!!

    Change that PLEASE!!!!!

    I want to send and recieve to the phone NOT WEB SITE that won’t let me save my photos either.

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