I’m a dork. I just can’t break away from this nonsense once I start with it. Getting it working isn’t good enough – I have to keep screwing with it and adding new stuff. On the other hand, thank god I have this so I can stop messing around with for a while.

This thing is now true multi-user. Not only that, it supports privileges, meaning no one can edit MY stuff! That means for the first time you might actually see someone else post a message! I can’t image why anyone would actually want to, but hopefully, one of the few (un)lucky people who can post will write something that will amuse me. Oh well.

Here’s some good news though. On American Idol tonight, right after we got a glimpse of Justin‘s hometown, one of the hosts whispered to him, “Dude, you could have any one of those chicks now!” That was the coolest thing I’ve seen on TV since Jackass or Family Guy.

ps. Know what’s a funny word? Titmonkey.