Development, dude.

I spent some time over the last few days updating some code in my blog. Some new things now:

1. Each story now displays a “related stories” link. This will fetch up to five items of the most recent items tagged with the same topic. Since all of my “topics” are complete nonsense, this is a useless feature, but it’s still fun.
2. The documents section of the website was completely rewritten and it’s now MUCH faster and less useless than before. Old code dies hard, or something.
3. I changed the URLs from blog.php?page=2 to /blog.php/page/2. It looks so much nicer to have pretty URLs.
4. I’ve cleaned up several dirty nags in the admin section.
5. I fixed the stupid 404 redirect.
6. Although not completed, I hope to have image uploads built in soon.
7. I’ve added a stylesheet to both my RSS and Atom feed, so if you view them, they both look pretty now, even without an RSS reader. This was mostly just for fun.