Country Fried Steak… sorta

Tonight was my first shot at making “Country Fried Steak.” Normally, I can just kind of imagine a recipe and it comes out good enough, but this one slipped, I admit. So here’s my advice if you choose to go for it with Country Fried Steak:

1. Use Cube Steak. If you decide to go with round, use meat tenderizer and give it plenty of time to sit. I used round and tenderized it with a mallet and it was still really tough. It needs to be very soft to almost crumble apart.

2. You will need to coat it in either buttermilk or an egg wash, but if you do use buttermilk, let it sit in the buttermilk for some time. The crust was too weak and broke apart, sadly, while still in the oil.

3. Think about gravy BEFORE making the steak. It’s not too hard to put together either a white or brown gravy, but it’s very hard to it after the steak is ready… at least, if you want to serve it while the food is still warm.

Overall, I’d rate this a 6/10. It was good enough overall, but it was bad chicken fried steak. Next time, perhaps.