Confirmed: iPhone is Awesome

My cell phone saga stretches back for several weeks or even months. I decided to leave Verizon for AT&T GSM, then decided to stay with Verizon, and ultimately, bit the bullet after a month and a half of waffling.

iPhoneI had no intention of getting an iPhone, mostly because they were more money that I wanted to spend and because I expect rev 2 to come out by spring at the latest (or sooner?) But the fact is, at $299, I was probably going to get an iPod Touch, and the iPhone was just too compelling. So last Thursday, I went for it. Ported my number and just took the dive.

Let me assure you: the iPhone is worth all of the hype. Yes, it doesn’t record video, it doesn’t have GPS, it doesn’t have a flash, it doesn’t do cut and paste, there is no SDK, and EDGE is no Verizon EV-DO. And yet, despite all of that, the iPhone is likely the coolest “gadget” I’ve ever owned. It’s incredible; it’s got technology never before seen (multi-touch) and it just… it makes people giddy to see it. It’s tons of fun and it’s easy to use. It was seemeless to sync it and watch it receive my Gmail, import my contacts, bookmarks, appointments, and music from my iMac. It’s worth every penny of the $299 I paid for it.

Maybe they will release new iPhones soon, and almost assuredly I will want one, but it doesn’t mean this thing isn’t still every bit as incredible.