Commercials, Part 3 of 3

I’ve been pining on and on about commercials the last few posts, so I’ll throw one more out and then let this subject go. I’m loving these Sprint ads that discuss PCS clarity vs. cell phone static. First it was kids covered in a white powder. The babysitter sits clueless while the mother cries, “No, shower the children! Why would I want to flour the children?” Then it was a monkey with a cold, under an afghan with a thermometor in his mouth. Now, the newest installment features a Texas ranch run amok with weiner dogs. “200 dachshunds?” the guy says, “I wanted 200 oxen!” Isn’t it just hilarious when the two little pups are trying to tow the hay wagon?

While Sprint is gaining favor with me for these featurettes, the ads that increasingly suck are for Mazda. I hate the f’ing “Zoom Zoom” kid. What the hell is “Zoom Zoom” anyway? Some sort of code? Why should I trust this little snot anyway? Am I to believe the brat is somehow esepcially wise on the subject of automobiles? Go home, kid. And Mazda, for the love of God, come up with something new. Sheesh.

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