Comedy Central rules

I think the show Crank Yankers is hilarious. It’s on Comedy Central, and everytime I watch, it cracks me up. Sure, there are some not so inspired skits, and yes, sometimes they bail a little early, but Jimmy Kimmel and crew have whipped up a hilarious “Jerky Boys of the 00’s” with this show.

Tracy Morgan, who I’ve always only found “kinda” funny, is the real star here. His “Spoonie Luv” character kills me. Dennis Leary and whoever does that hippie college student are also friggin hilarious. If you get a chance, watch it. Tuesday at 10:30. I think.

That’s not the only show on Comedy Central that’s funny as hell. Those of you mourning the demise of Jackass will find the show “Trigger Happy TV” hilarious, as well as anotehr Brit import, “Travel Sick.” Trigger Happy TV had me in tears last week – imagine how funny stuff is once you factor in an accent. Since the only other show on TV that really makes me laugh is “The Cosby Show,” I’m glad to see Comedy Central putting those crazy Brits on. Go, Comedy Central, go.