Bravo, John Kerry

John Kerry, a too-weak-to-be-President-in-2004 politician, a guy who many Democrats really saw as “the best we got, but not what we want” back then, today issued a smackdown to the coward Republicans who haven’t ever served in the military but recklessly deploy them with no plan.

Instead of apologizing for what was, admittedly, a touchy statement about a connection between education (or lack thereof) and being in Iraq, presumably as a soldier, he went back on the offensive. It was a good move. His original statement was a bit cryptic, because it appears to suggest that soldiers are too dumb to have a decent job. But with this follow-up as a companion piece, it reads differently. Update: What Kerry meant to say was that if you don’t study, you end up GETTING US stuck in Iraq. In other words, it was supposed to be a jab at Bush that suggested that he was too dumb to know any better.

As someone who worked for the Navy for several years, I can safely say that my opinion of the military is high, but my opinion of this administration’s actions are low. I find the entire current administration to be a disaster, as shame, and an embarrassment to the American people. I wish more Democrats stood up and called their bullshit and rhetoric.

I’m not against conservative political sentiment, but I find the most prominent Republicans to be the most shameful, hypocritical, lying bastards out there.

So well played, John Kerry. Well played.