Boo Hoo.

So no one uses this weblog anymore. Except me. And Heidi – a little bit. The novelty wore off, I guess. But it’s okay. I’m still going to use it for myself. I make myself laugh sometimes when I read the stupid crap I write. Sometimes, I’m embarassed I wrote it, but most of the time I’m amused.

I once wrote a short story called “Earl’s Roadside Motel.” It actually started as my first college essay, “If I could be any person, living, deceased, or fictional…” but in the end, it became some 20 page story. I thought it was hilarious. I shared it with my Creative Writing class in college. Some people thought it was funny. Some said it sounded effortful. Some said it was a glimpse into the mind of a boy with ADD. I just thought it was random fun. It’s funny. Maybe I’ll put it up here sometime.