Birthday Laugh

Today is my birthday. And I was pleased to get a laugh at an article entitled “Paris defends Britney“.

A choice quote: “For people to call out her parenting skills on behalf of her partying ethics is appalling.

I mean, seriously, what the [email protected]*% does that even mean!? If you have even a cursory understanding of English, you’d know this makes no sense whatsoever. “On behalf of her partying ethics?” Uh… what? Wait… “Partying ethics?” What the hell are partying ethics? Paris Hilton must be dumb as a post. What has this world come to??

2 Replies to “Birthday Laugh”

  1. Slightly unusual phrase, but I would be surprised if it meant anything other than “standard of ethics which allows her to party despite having young kids to look after”.

    As for the “on behalf of”, was the author foreign? It’s pretty easy to get preposition(al phrase)s wrong in any foreign language.

    Oh, and happy birthday.

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