Best Lost Theory So Far

While perousing the ‘net for reactions to this past Wednesday’s Lost, I have to say, this is the best Lost theory I’ve read so far. It involves the least suspension of disbelief, the fewest major leaps of faith, it explains the motivations of many of the characters. Another thing I like is that many “things” that have gotten little attention are major players in the storyline, which suggests that (a) the writers have, in fact, known where they were going since at least the beginning of Season 2, (2) the story is all encompassing and we’ve only scratched the surface, (d) the solution does have some roots in science fact, rather than science fiction, and (IV) we haven’t been nitpicking details for nothing. The only unexplained thing here is the way the survivors lives intermingled… destiny?

I think it’s becoming more and more likely that Mikhail is Radzinky, or at least the same person whose eye was found in The Arrow. It also seems likely to me that there’s a connection between Mikhail, a Soviet spy, and Kelvin, who we know was an American military officer (also a spy?).

A few months ago, I said Lost was no longer #1 for me, but Heroes took too long a hiatus and LOST made up for it in a VERY VERY large way by unraveling the mythology, giving us lots of tidbits to keep us going, and really course correcting – to borrow from my link.

So I guess I have to say that Lost is back to #1 for me. Here’s hoping the season finale kicks our butts.

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  1. The second theory, a reply to this theory, is pretty good too:

    Lost has become better in the past few episodes, and now that the writers know how many episodes have left, I bet they will deliver an even better experience.

  2. I have read a recent theory up on the ABC lost theory message board which blows everything I have read completely out of the water. Its long but man does it rock!! I feel like this dude spoiled it for me, but I also feel I now really understand the ultimate goal of the show. Here are two links. I would not be surprised if this was a leak from the writers to get reaction to such a story line..

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