Best Digg Comment Ever?

Could this be the best comment ever?

I think it is. It’s clear, concise, and well worded. It’s not moronic, it doesn’t rely on AOL-speak or l33t. It doesn’t play off the same techie cliches. It’s just good, old fashioned quality content. It makes a point and it makes a point well.

The quality of comments on are generally low, but every now and again you find a diamond in the rough.

One Reply to “Best Digg Comment Ever?”

  1. Thing is, I detest all people who think their opinion is the only good. I dislike religious people who can’t think outside their dogmatic world and don’t even try to ask questions and be open. I also dislike people who claim being atheist and keep long talks about how religious people are ignorant and dumb beyond reason. At the same time I know many religious people who are more open minded than most atheists would be, and I also know some atheists who don’t dismiss religious issues (while detest church and “modern” religious organizations) just because they have something to do with faith. Atheists who think all religious people believe blindly and love the church are just as ignorant as those blindly religious people who think atheists deserve only the fires of hell. When someone thinks that accepting something “without any conclusive or scientific evidence” can just be a result of ignorance and is bad thing, all I can do is go and talk to someone a bit more lucid.

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