Another Chapter Comes to a Close

Since it’s eaten up quite a bit of my time, I’ve spent way too many posts discussing OSNews, and that will come to a close today. See, today I wrapped up the remaining bugs and features I planned for 4.0-final, and made a code snapshot and called the OSNews codebase on www4 “final.” Thus ends that chapter of my life.

I made a lot of last minute changes, including fixing the problem where the sidebar falls below the main bar (thanks to a reader for that contribution). I redid the classic theme, made the “Orange Platinum” theme available to non-subscribers, allowed up to 999 characters in a conversation, and much more.

All that remains now is David giving it the OK or hiring a designer to make the changes he wants. When we get that, we go live.

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  1. I know you’re out there. If you would like, I’d LOVE to give you our stylesheets and collborate to come up with something together.

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