An Idea for an Application

I have an idea for an application I think could be really cool. Ideally, it would be Mac-based, since I exclusively use Macs at home, but it could exist just the same on Windows or Linux or any other platform. The problem is, I’m not a programmer – at least I can’t build native apps, only web ones.

So my question is, ? Should I post it here? Submit it to OSNews? I’ve contacted the developers of MarsEdit, because that’s the closest thing that exists to my idea, but he opted out without hearing the idea, so I’m kind of at a loss. What should one do if they have an idea for a potentially useful application?

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  1. Are you withholding the ideas because you want to sell them? If not, OSNews it and hope some developer with free time is as inspired by the ideas as you are.

  2. I am not trying to sell it, but I would like to see it a reality, and if a developer would code and but want to sell it, I’d be open to that.

  3. I don’t think OSnews is the right place for it. OSnews is for news about things that are happening already, not for plans for things that haven’t even been set in motion. I have had lots of ideas myself too, I have even tried to suggest them in comments sections of OSnews, yet it seems no one is intersted in them. A specific website meant specifically for opensource project ideas would be the best place: it would give developers a whole lot of content to browse through and select which one they would want to try working on, of course, they would NOT be obliged to see it through. Only as far as they feel inclined. But, why not post your idea here in the meanwhile? Even though the chances are small that one would pick it up it is still possible. Heck, I can do GTK+/QT programming, and both toolkits are portable across several platforms so even I might be interested in your idea if I see any use for it myself 🙂

  4. Just because I don’t have the time to put into a new project right now, doesn’t mean other developers might not be excited to hear about the idea and possibly pursue it with you.

  5. I agree entirely. I just thought that since my idea matches up with MarsEdit I’d approach you. I don’t know that just blindly tracking down every Mac developer is the way to go. I’ll post the idea here and see if anyone sees any value.

    I wasn’t intending to give you a hard time, by the way. I was actually just linking back to you.


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