An All New Season of The Real World

Somebody needs to beat me up. I saw an ad for the new Real World: Las Vegas. I am hopelessly addicted to this show. I’ve seen every episode of every season (except London…lame!), and I can’t stop. I’m not so voyeuristic, I just get addicted really quickly. What is it about these kids?

I always thought they should’ve put cameras in my fraternity house. Surely, a Real World: JMU could have interested people. Yeah, we did a lot more drinking and a lot less arguing about racism and homosexuality, but we had fun. Plus, I’d like to see the kids on Real World get together for a spirited game of “Asshole.” Show America how twenty-somethings really live, I say, don’t show them the ridiculous filtered nuttiness of a few random, sheltered schmucks from Iowa. Oh well… just my thoughts.