Ah shucks.

Well, if it wasn’t clear before, it should be by now that this weblog has once again staled. I wonder how you keep a weblog fresh if it doesn’t really have any visitors. I don’t know.

So, in other news, Flip 3.0 is coming along at a ridiculous rate. It’s actually working right now, believe it or not, and better than I expected.

I moved firsttube.com onto the same server as phatphiles.org, which is pretty neat. Now, it’s running a server I have root on, which is pretty sweet, and I can upgrade or alter PHP if the whim strikes me.

Work is coming along well. Surprisingly so, actually. There’s so much to do – so much. If they continue to let me, I’ll turn that place into something really friggin great. But, man, it has so far to go…

I promise, to the no one that reads this, I intend to write more in it. I guess I’ve been occupied with Flip and firsttube.com and phatphiles and not had time to sit down to play. But I will. I really will.