About the Source

general information
Although firsttube.com is a site dedicated to Phish, there’s really quite a bit going on in the background. As a somewhat experienced web programmer – there’s a lot of not-very-complex but super powerful pre-processing going on on a lot of these pages, and for those of you interested, this page will give you a little insight as to what exactly is happening when you request a page from this server.
I learned most of my HTML skills by reading the source code of the web sites I frequently visited. Of course, when I learned HTML most web sites were static and those that weren’t almost exclusively used Javascript for dynamics and CGI for processing. Nowadays, reading source code is much less beneficial, as most web sites use server-side code and databases even to generate standard pages. Every page on firsttube.com is dynamically generated, and as of version 6.0, nearly all pages query our central database for content.

a little about firsttube.com version 6.x
A lot has changed since the rollout of the firsttube.com 3.x series. firsttube.com 3.0 was originally slated to be based on tubecode, a project I’d been working on for some time. tubecode, in short, was originally a web site creation template. However, when tubecode reached version 0.8, it was determined by a very small group of testers that many more features were necessary to make tubecode worthwhile. tubecode was immediately re-numbered 0.0.8, and a new project plan was developed. Because tubecode 1.0 was a ways away, firsttube.com 3.0 was significantly delayed.
The look of firsttube.com was getting old, though, and it was becoming a chore to update the site. That said, in mid-May 2002, I decided to immediately begin construction on an ultra-simplified, stripped down version of firsttube.com to become v3.0 and reschedule tubecode deployment for firsttube.com 4.0. It became apparent that tubecode was rudimentary programming at best, and was not very adaptable. Since writing resuable code is much harder and more requires much more meticulousness, tubecode was scrapped. Of course, tubecode development has ceased in favor of Celery, an active website tool that is based on newer, cleaner, sleeker code than tubecode ever was.
firsttube.com has been live since August 2000, making a major version rollout once a year. Version 2.0 was a major upgrade and COMPLETE code rewrite, version 3.0 followed in suit being a completely new structure, but reused much of the code from version 2.3 (2.2 was active for about 5 months.) firsttube.com 4.0 cleaned house – reimplemting the site using an early and heavily customized build of Flip 2.1. And ft5 was a super stripped down, ultra simple, no-frills conversion to my personal site.
Version 6.0 is written to emulate a wiki. Articles are loaded through the index, but there are “add-ons,” such as a photo gallery, a document manager, a favorites tracker, and a blog. If you want to learn about the PHP that powers firsttube.com, contact me and I’d be glad to share the information, and more than likely the actual code itself.

code names and version numbers
firsttube.com does not use codenames anymore. Only current version of tubecode projects use codenames. The version number of the site indicates how many times the site has been redesigned. This is the 6th incarnation of firsttube.com.