60 Minutes With A Mac

A friend of mine is considering a new computer. I have suggested a Mac Mini or an iMac. He actually bought a Mac back in the Jaguar days and then returned it because he couldn’t figure it out. But he’s agreed to give me one hour to prove a Mac is the way to go.

So, what should I show him? I’ve decided to highlight application installation/removal, moving/managing open files, iLife integration, keyboard shortcuts, incredible apps such as iPhoto, the file system structure (backup your home dir, all your crucial data is there), and of course, Spotlight.

Am I forgetting anything important?

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4 Replies to “60 Minutes With A Mac”

  1. Definitely show them the neat trick you can do with holding the shift key to slow down animations. People love that. And of course, tell them about Time Machine (maybe even show the relevant part of the keynote).

    Also, attach a multibutton mouse, if one is not present.

  2. Ok, I am now officially the lamest guy in recorded history, but here it goes.

    iPorn. Find porn fast, in style. Only $69.

  3. I find two applications very important to get work done quickly.. quicksilvers good way of handling applications, documents.. everything! And it’s faster than spotlight, and more configurable. Desktop manager for keeping some virtual workspaces, I don’t like windows kind of behavior of having everything on one desktop.

    The major disadvantage with Mac OS X is the huge sizes of the updates. An update from 10.4.2 to 10.4.7 would easily go over 100MB to download, so I really hope your friend is not sitting on a modem, but these days almost everyone has atleast ADSL. But I just don’t like the huge sizes of updates in “Software update”.

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