60 Days

60 Days
a poem by AS

In 60 days the sun will shine, the bitter cold here, left behind
I rearrange my daily parts – a chapter ends, a new one starts

Who knows what tales lay ahead as I move on down there instead
I slowly filter out my wares and organize and weigh my cares.

“I love this place” I said I learned, a gentle red of light sunburn
Let’s see what future dreaming buys, what chances here materialize.

An afternoon, but not too late, with warming air that circulates
and cools the gentle forehead sweat and proves to me suspicion yet.

A different sort of life to lead, a different sort of smile you need
don’t sit back and observe the tale – stand up, take charge, try not to fail.

So 60 days must slowly burn, and 60 nights I’ll toss and turn
I can’t fast forward the calendar run, so I’ll cross them off there, one by one.