24 Hours of Intensity

I *love* the show 24. I’ve been eating it up all season. Unfortunately, tonight’s episode left me unsettled. It finally is TOO MUCH. I mean, sure, the entire plotline is preposterous, but I’ve been pretty good about suspending disbelief. But tonight, I finally have to say it.

1. Jackie Palmer’s involvement is unrealistically high.

2. Too many people would have to be involved the the case against the President. If not unlawful, it’s clearly got to involve nearly everyone involved in the day to day operation with the president.

3. Anyway, why didn’t David Palmer play the race card, e.g. “Are you sure you want to forcefully remove the first black president ever from office during a war when there’s evidence that is possibly contaminated? You think the last LA riots were bad? Wait until this comes to light – racism at the heart of the executive branch. Traitors polluting the presidental cabinet.” Wouldn’t that have been the first thing to come to mind?

4. How is Jack walking? Two episodes ago, he was DEAD. His heart is about to die. Come on, the guy needs a rest. He’s still jumping around an firing his gun with perfect accuracy.

5. Carrie should have been dealt with hours ago. Kill that bitch.

6. Kim Bauer is the most trouble-prone person ever. How do you get kidnapped three times in one day? That’s got to be a record.

7. The Warner family is way too tightly into this. How did Commander Who-see-dingy, the guy who had the chip in his leg, get the names of the Warners? How did he know they’d be around. Most coincidentally, that Kate would be right in CTU at the time of request for her?

8. Why, oh why, in God’s name would Alex the hacker pull a gun on Jack? That was just retarded.

Yeeh, it’s getting tougher to swallow by the minute.

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