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SZA Talks New Grey Goose Collab, ‘In Bloom’ Virtual Performance, and Filming With Drones

Sage Anderson 6.22.19 | Link to Article

The singer is teaming up with Grey Goose on a nature-inspired virtual performance where she’ll debut new music from her upcoming album.

SZA has teamed up with GREY GOOSE for the launch of their all-new line of Grey Goose Essences, an infusion of their iconic vodka with real fruit and botanical essences. GREY GOOSE’s new trio of bright, herbal flavors have also become the inspiration for a nature-inspired musical event starring SZA.

Created in collaboration by SZA and First Tube Media for the launch, IN BLOOM is a one-of-a-kind virtual concert where SZA will perform songs from her upcoming sophomore album for the first time live. The global event will be streamed on YouTube on Thursday, July 1, and filmed at Wisdome, an immersive art and music dome park in Los Angeles. The floral visuals take a page from GREY GOOSE Essences, which are now available online and in stores for $30.99 a bottle, or in the GREY GOOSE Essences Fizz cocktail kit with sparkling soda water, fresh garnishes, and 50ml sizes of all three flavors.

Serving as a creative consultant on the project felt natural, since SZA says the performance draws upon a lot of the themes of nature already present in her work. “Anyone who knows me knows that I love being in nature,” the singer tells Rolling Stone. “The whole ethos behind the brand is exactly the kind of vibe I like to bring to my work. We’re all pushing towards the same goal for this performance, which is to tell a story that’s set in the natural world, but is full of immersive, magical surprises.”

But besides natural elements, the one-night only performance also uses innovative production methods, blending virtual and real-life set pieces, as well as being meticulously choreographed by drone technology to give it 360-degree shots. When asked how technology (including drones) might change the landscape of music, SZA says that advancements are happening so quickly, her answer might be “out-of-date” even by today. “I always want to take my fans on a journey with me, and this past year I haven’t been able to do that through touring or big live shows, so any technology that really helps bring my art to the next level and connect me with my fans is good. I can’t wait for people to see what we’re capturing with these drones for IN BLOOM.”

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While SZA says that the new innovations in video tech have helped bring this performance to life, she’s always been influenced by nature, especially during the pandemic. “When we were all in lockdown, I tried to stay outdoors as much as possible–the more open air and greenery I was around, the better! I truly think it made such a difference in how I coped last year and believe everyone should have access to clean outdoor spaces. For me, just going on a quick hike or even walking through your neighborhood park can help change your whole mindset.”

Even as the world is opening back up again, though, SZA says she hasn’t really been out yet for a night on the town. “I’m still definitely enjoying my drinks at home. As for my favorite, I actually love a good Essences cocktail because they’re already so flavorful so you don’t have to add many ingredients to them.”

Starting today, fans aged 21 and over can reserve their spot for the IN BLOOM concert by signing up via greygoose.com/inbloom. On July 1, each attendee can tune into SZA’s YouTube channel at 9:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM PST for the virtual performance into the world of Essences.