I’ve applied a new theme to the site, so I’m now billing this as 10.2. Whereas prior to version “10”, each look-and-feel revision was likely a major increment, since converting to WordPress, a new theme is really much more cosmetic than programmatic. I’d love to hear your feedback, but

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I’ve updated to a new theme. It’s not significantly different from my old theme, but it’s a nice one that isn’t quite as hacked up as the last one. I’m in the process of deciding what to do with comments. I’m thinking I’d like to outsource them to disqus

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IE: Sucking Hard Since Version 5

This code (extracted from a javascript file) works in every major browser except IE (including IE8): $(‘a[rel*=fancybox]’).fancybox({ ‘frameWidth’ : 500, ‘frameHeight’ : 465, ‘hideOnContentClick’ : false, ‘centerOnScroll’ : true, }); This is the fix: $(‘a[rel*=fancybox]’).fancybox({ ‘frameWidth’ : 500, ‘frameHeight’ : 465, ‘hideOnContentClick’ : false, ‘centerOnScroll’ : true }); See the

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New Look and Feel

If you’re not reading this via RSS, you may have noticed that I’ve completely changed the look and feel of It’s something I wasn’t expecting to do regularly, but since I’ve moved to WordPress, this will be my third theme.  The first one lasted only a few days, to

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A Bit of a Redesign

Yes, I’ve redesigned once again, but I’m only christening it 10.0.1.  There are no major changes here other than the look and feel overhaul – no new features, no new tricks.  This theme is a bit lighter, a smidgen easier on the eyes, a touch cleaner code-wise, a trifle

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A Cleaner, Simpler

I’ve been pretty liberal in completely redesigning my website for some time now. I built this site sometime in August of 2000, using my own HTML. All dynamics were achieved… well… faked… via re-uploading static HTML files. Version 2.0, a major overhaul, arrived shortly thereafter, and version 3.0 completely migrated

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What The Heck is Wrong With Microsoft

This is what’s wrong with Microsoft. I saw that Microsoft Expression beta was released for Mac. I thought to myself, “which one is Expression again?” So I checked it out. After checking out the website, you tell me — WTF does this program do? click on the pic for an

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