The Facebook Logo Has Gone Into Hiding

It was reported by several sources this week that after an embarassing affair with a prostitute, the Facebook logo has gone into hiding. Actually, what has been happening for me is that the Facebook logo has been randomly disappearing for me in my browser. In fact, most days, lately, in

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I understand that some people believe that threading comments are unintuitive, they confuse the user, and that they are ugly. I like ’em. So this site now supports threading in the comments. Now – as of right now, you can only reply once, like digg, but it supports two deep.

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DIVs only

notsomuch. according to css expert eric meyer, large scale tables used for page layout are okay. so stop the presses everyone – tables are okay today. i’m really getting sick of all these “made without tables” buttons on pages. it’s very cool to be able to be good enough with

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