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Something happened today that I never expected in a million years. I am in contact with a few Google employees on Facebook and Twitter, and in the course of conversation, I shared an idea I once had about a PHP application. We talked it out, I coded the first tidbits, a friend helped with some Python, and, a few short weeks later, Google decided to buy it! But not just the code, this afternoon, we finalized the deal that includes them taking over the domain, since the code is currently running as a daemon on my server here. As a result, this will be one of my last blog posts. Effective tomorrow evening, the domain will transfer to Google and it will become the host for a new Google app (which I’m still hoping will be called “firsttube”). Also, by the end of the week, I will be a full tim Google employee, which is very exciting. For now, I’ll still be working and living in Florida.

Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions, I am unable to say any more, but trust me when I say that most of my friends will have immediate use for this site!

Check back tomorrow for the details!!

Updated: For those who missed it, April Fools!


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