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Given the recent setlist madness, I decided to compile my Phish Wishlist.  Here are the 13 songs I most want to hear played live, in no particular order:

Destiny Unbound (36)
Camel Walk (50)
Brother (17)
Scents and Subtle Sounds (7)
A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing (11)
Dinner and a Movie (10)
Glide (8)
Harpua (23)
Spock’s Brain (64)
Have Mercy (141)
Walk Away (21)
The Lizards (4)
Crowd Control (13)*

The number following each song is the average show gap between performances since the debut.  As you can see, given the number of shows I currently attend each year and the number I expect to attend in the next few years, it’s increasingly unlikely that I will see… well… ANY of these songs live, ever.  With each passing show, many of these number are increasing just a touch to the right of the decimal point, and the odds I actually see them go down inversely.  Even Lizards, which is still really low, is deceivingly so, given that it was so overplayed in the “old days” and underplayed these days.  In fact, ZZYZX’s stats say the odds of me not seeing Lizards in 35 shows is 0.0%.

I realize that with NYE being my only remaining show this year, any of these showing up is unlikely, because Phish has a history, for several years now, of not  going too crazy on NYE, but rather, doing that in the nights leading up to NYE.  Expect a Harpua on 12/30, and another set of standards for NYE.   The most likely candidates to show up on NYE? I’d have to bet on Lizards, Scents and Subtle Sounds, or Dinner and a Movie before any of the others.  But I’m expecting none of them.  Sigh.

* Edit: Add this song after the fact
Anyway, know that if I catch any of my wishlist on NYE, I will go nuts.


  1. I used to be able to joke that my #1 song that I wanted to see was YEM because they play it all the time and I had never seen it until my 10th show (first was in 97), but I saw a Destiny Unbound. In fact, at Fenway, I got a second Destiny before they played YEM. So after that show, I had 2 Destinys and 1 YEM, which increased to 2 and 2 after the Hartford show this summer. It's now at 4 YEM and 2 Destiny with 16 shows (the other 2 YEMs were Fest8 and second night of Albany this fall).

    I wouldn't be surprised if you got ASIHTOS on NYE. I'm still waiting for a bunch of those, including Lizards, Scents and Subtle Sounds, and Harpua. I'd love to hear pretty much any of those (I've had Dinner and a Movie and a couple ASIHTOS). Actually, ASIHTOS is the one song I'm surprised they haven't played more. It was easily one of the best songs from Summer 2004 and is such a great jam vehicle. Now that they're back and getting into more real jamming, it'll probably be back.

  2. ….My wish list revisted

    Post Summer 2010. I need the following at MSG PLEASE!

    Thats is it and I can sleep easy. MSG NYE 2010.
    Be the spoon.

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