1. hahaha. how funny!!!i have spent like 3 weeks thinking god amy looks like someone. and today i realized!!!!!!!!! they are the same person i swear!

  2. The bitter truth is dat Amy Winehouse an Janice from Friends r different persons.
    i chekd on wikipedia aftr readin dis thread !!!!!!
    njoy !!!


    U are really so right!I always tought that tghey were really sisters,itΒ΄s so freak funny
    and for dure that they were separated at birth

  4. OH MY GOOOOOOD you are all soooo fucking stupid. Do you realise that if amy winehouse had played janice she would have been eleven during the first series of friends.

  5. @You retards:

    Whoooosh! That’s the sound of the joke zipping over your head. Wait… you do realize that this is a joke, right? You’re not just some idiot who actually assumed this was real, right? ….Right?

  6. OH-MY-GOD
    (chandler biiiiiiing)

    a truly sad timing for this kind of humor, but yes, definitely separated at birth!!

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